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Position Responsibilities:

  • Work with colleagues on our data pipeline team to ingest from hundreds of data sources and work on data pipeline technology using Java and big data technology (Kafka, Storm, more)
  • Collaborate with colleagues to successfully integrate into our continuous integration and continuous development pipeline.
  • Architect new systems and changes to existing systems to support new functionality.
  • Collaborate with product owners to bring the best experience to our customers.
  • Maintain production systems and investigate issues when they occur.
  • Create tools and processes to automate our development, testing, and production workflows.


  • 5+ Java development experience.
  • Meaningful experience working on large-scale applications and systems.
  • A collaborator to function effectively in a team environment.
  • The ability to think holistically about engineering issues.
  • Knowledge of engineering fundamentals and architecture.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, technical and otherwise.
  • People that code every day.
  • People that take ownership of their features and/or product.

Skill Set:

  • Java!
  • Working knowledge of Linux
  • Experience working in a MVC or MVVM architecture pattern.
  • Understanding the importance of unit testing and how to operate in a TDD environment.
  • Experience working in a CI/CD environment; DevOps experience is a plus.
  • Knowledge of web API services to include understanding request and response standards.
  • Bonus experience: ESRI / geospatial visualization, queues, big data technology, Oracle, Docker / microservices, scaling back end applications, ETL

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