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PlanetRisk is looking for a DevOps engineer to enable continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) of our SaaS and DaaS capabilities, as well as other random acts of DevOps automation by any and all (clean) means necessary. This person must have mad skills in the majority of the usual DevOps technology suspects: Jenkins, Jira, Puppet, Chef, bash, windows, etc, and also be able to sling code on a serious level to go above and beyond when needed. The core responsibility would be to automate dev to test, test to production, builds, and other build for different project deliverables.


McLean, VA

Required Qualifications:

  • Experience with putting software through CI and CD into a production environment
  • Unix, Windows, Bash, and cmd should be like an extension of mind and soul
  • Coding experience in Python and or any object oriented language such as Java
  • Understands what it takes to put software cleanly and reliably into production so the dev team can focus on dev
  • Overwhelming desire to learn new technologies and techniques

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Advanced degree
  • Experience with hardware and “the cloud”
  • Experience with Big Data technologies such as Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, and ElasticSearch
  • Experience with GPU and geospatial technologies
  • 10 years both windows and unix experience

Certifications & Requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree is preferred

Other Qualities We Value:

  • Fluency in the latest trends, techniques, and user-centered approaches.
  • A passion for technology and the environment.
  • Team player and fun to work alongside.
  • Performs well under pressure.
  • Feels comfortable with short deadlines.
  • Extremely organized and can intuitively manage multiple projects and processes.

Please submit resume, cover letter and salary expectations to

*No Third Party Resume Submissions*